Jabra’s new wireless noise-cancelling earphones help drown out the world

Jabra has been a staple in the noise-cancelling headphone game for some time now but the Jabra Elite 65e, a pair of earphones announced today that offers noise-cancellation and an 8-hour battery life, are its pièce de résistance.

The headphones will be out in April this year and retail for $199/£169, and while that price tag sounds a bit high for wireless in-ears, the tech Jabra is cramming into each model makes it likely to be worth the high barrier to entry.

Namely, that technology includes the acoustic design of the headphones that helps reduce ambient outside noise from reaching your inner ear, plus Jabra’s EarGels that provide a better seal inside the ear canal. On top of the EarGels and natural passive noise cancellation, Jabra imbues each Elite 65e with its active noise-cancellation tech – similar to what you’d find in the Bose QC30.

For the active business traveler, not only does Jabra enhance your sound quality via noise-cancellation, but it will even improve the call quality by utilizing a three-microphone technology that creates a noise-blocking zone around the mics. This means the person on the other end of the phone call won’t have to hear any ambient background noise from a busy street or a crowded airport, either. 

The headphones feature Bluetooth 5.0, are IP54-rated, making them dust- and water-resistant, and have a sort of Apple Beats X look to them. 

Nick Pino

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