Is your Google Pixel Watch alarm delayed? You're not the only one

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If you're a Google Pixel Watch owner who relies on their smartwatch for important alarms you might want to find an alternative option, as some users have reported that their alarms are going off late.

Google’s first entry into the smartwatch space is full of neat features – in our Google Pixel Watch review we praised its Fitbit integration and impressive hands-free controls. However, following the Pixel Watch’s most recent software update, its alarm tool has apparently become less reliable.

Several users have taken to Reddit to say their watch’s alarm has gone off late (and in one case it went off early). Thankfully the issue doesn’t seem too serious – the reported delays are all under 10 minutes – however, if you’re relying on your Pixel Watch alarm for precise timings then any delay could be problematic.

There's no fix for the problem yet; users have tried deleting and re-setting the alarms on their Pixel Watch, but the delays have persisted. Google has yet to acknowledge the issue, although with reports of late alarms growing, we expect it will launch a patch to fix the problem in the next Wear OS release.

An Apple Watch 6 on a person's arm with a brown leather strap

The Apple Watch has had its fair share of alarm woes too (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Alarm issues with smartwatches are nothing new; it seems to be a teething issue that every brand in the space has to deal with at some point or another.

Many Apple Watch owners have reported problems with alarms over the past few years, saying that an update has muted their alarm, or caused it to be delayed. The same is true of Galaxy Watch owners.

These Google Pixel Watch issues are another reminder that tech is fallible. If you’re setting an alarm for something important, our advice is to not only rely on your smartwatch, but also set an alarm on your smartphone or another device. Your alarms will go off without a hitch 99 times out of a hundred, but when it lets you down that one time you’ll be glad you used a backup.

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