iPhone 13 leak provides detailed dimensions and highlights changes from iPhone 12

An artist's impression of the iPhone 13 in eight different colors including red, blue and orange
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One of the most enduring iPhone 13 rumors is that the range will have smaller notches than the iPhone 12 series, and the latest leak corroborates that, while adding some specific dimensions to the notch and other aspects.

Twitter leaker DuanRui recently shared what appears to be a schematic for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and svetapple.sk (a Slovakian site focused on Apple) analysed the image, and compared it to cases apparently designed for the iPhone 13 range that it recently obtained.

The upshot is that the notch on the iPhone 13 range is seemingly about 24.7% narrower if this information is right. The schematics put it at 26.63mm, while measurements of the cases put it at a similar 25.57mm. For reference, the notch on the iPhone 12 is 34.5mm wide.

Both the schematic and the cases also point to the iPhone 13 range being about 0.1mm thicker than the iPhone 12 range, so the difference there should be negligible. That tiny change could be due to bigger batteries, but that’s just speculation.

The biggest visual change though looks to be on the camera blocks, the diameter of which is seemingly growing from 3.71cm on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, to 3.9cm on their successors. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max meanwhile could both have a 4.49cm diameter on their camera blocks, compared to 3.71cm for the iPhone 12 Pro and 4cm for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That’s seemingly at least in part due to larger lenses, which based on other accessories obtained by svetapple.sk will be bigger this year on every model.

Finally, the site claims that the volume and power buttons will be lower down the side on the iPhone 13 range. Based on the cases they’ve received it’s a 6.2mm shift on at least one model, but it’s not clear from the site whether that same measurement applies to all of the iPhone 13 models or not.

Images showing cases supposedly designed for the iPhone 13 range

(Image credit: svetapple.sk / innocentstore.sk)

Analysis: subtle changes highlight one of the biggest likely upgrades

All in all, based on this information and most other things that we’ve heard about the iPhone 13 range, we’re not expecting big visual changes. A narrower notch is sure to be appreciated, but for the most part it might be hard to tell an iPhone 13 apart from an iPhone 12.

The biggest giveaway looks likely to be the camera, as discussed above, and that reflects the fact that the camera is rumored to be getting bigger upgrades behind the scenes too.

From a change in aperture (likely allowing for better low light performance) on either some or all models, to extended zoom range for the iPhone 13 Pro, and the rumored addition of sensor-shift OIS (optical image stabilization) to all models – except the Pro Max, which already has it in the iPhone 12 range.

We’ve also previously heard talk of larger lenses, extra elements, and more. So if much of this pans out then the already excellent iPhone camera experience could be significantly improved with the iPhone 13 range. The cost is seemingly a larger camera block, but we reckon that’s probably a fair trade.

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