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iPad Mini 6 might just be a smaller iPad Pro

iPad Mini 2019
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We’re seeing Apple push towards all its tablets looking like the iPad Pro range - first the iPad Air 4 ditched the bezels and home button of older generations, and possibly next the iPad Mini 6 will use a similar design (and feature set) too.

This comes from a post on Korean blogging site Naver, from which we often see phone leaks. However we don’t know the source of the post, so take this with a pinch of salt.

According to the post, the next iPad Mini ‘is a small version of the iPad Pro’ in terms of design, with the ‘reduced bezel like the pro model' [sic]. The post continues that the iPad Mini will be available in silver and gray models, and will be 5G compatible, though this latter trait is likely exclusive to a more expensive version of the tablet compared to a standard Wi-FI model.

There’s some ambiguity here, as the post title states ‘small version of the iPad Pro (iPad mini Pro) captured’, while the post refers to the slate as the ‘iPad Pro mini’. It’s not clear, then, if this is the standard iPad Mini 6 we were expecting, or a Pro variant of it, or perhaps something different entirely - the fact the title and quotes are machine translated doesn’t help.

iPad Mini Pro? iPad Pro Mini?

Just prior to the iPad Pro 2021 launch, when we expected (but didn’t get) an iPad Mini launch too, rumors started swirling that an ‘iPad Mini Pro’ was coming too - something this new information only builds on.

Not much information was provided about that tablet, but it seemed to be a Pro version of the iPad Mini - so, an iPad Mini with better specs. However the new information suggests the tablet could actually be the iPad Pro Mini, or an iPad Pro with a smaller form.

The one real question, then, is if this tablet will be a member of the iPad Pro or iPad Mini lines, which might influence its price among other things, as iPad Minis are far more affordable than their Pro siblings.

We’ll have to wait to find out, as there haven’t been too many leaks about this ambiguous product. But stay tuned, and we’ll bring more information when it surfaces.

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