Google Maps redesign leaks ahead of Google IO reveal

New Google Maps leaks ahead of IO
Mapping up the mess

While we expect a barrage of new announcements to take place at Google I/O, which kicks off today, we're far too impatient to not jump on every single leak that comes even minutes before then.

The latest comes courtesy of Droid Life, which managed to grab screenshots of the new Google Maps sign-up page that Google accidentally let slip last night.

And though it was only live for a brief moment, it was enough to give us a more solid idea of what we can expect at the anticipated I/O unveiling.

There are quite a lot of new features heading our way, including a "tailored map for every search", meaning you can be more specific about what comes up (ie less clutter).

This also helps Google Maps adapt to your searches going by what you've looked for in the past.

Smarter searching

As we saw previously, the "smarter search box" was also present again, floating on top of the map, and promises to make more information available - reviews, ratings and suchlike - on hand as you explore.

Google flight search and Google Now interactions are also incorporated in the update, while Google Earth will be included without the need for a plug-in.

We expect to hear the full ins and outs during the Google Maps presentation later today, so keep an eye on TechRadar for all our I/O coverage.

Hugh Langley

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