50 time-saving Google Docs templates

35. Checkbook register

Checkbook register is a simple template that you can use to keep track of cheques written from and paid into your account.

Checkbook register

EASY REGISTERING: A simple cheque payment tracker

36. Band agreement contract

If you're setting up a band and you want a basic contract so each member of the band understands how they will be paid and what their responsibilities are then this band agreement contract should do the trick.

Band agreement contract

CONTRACT: Keep your band in order

37. Cost-benefit analysis for a car

Buying a new car is an important aspect of one's life. This template gives a helping hand in deciding which car gives the more bang for your buck – pop in the price you expect to pay along with a selection of mpg figures and you can compare annual fuel costs.

Cost-benefit analysis for a car

A BETTER CHOICE: Get a car that won't break the bank

38. Stock profit calculator

A basic stock profit calculator that takes all important values into account. It doesn't have any great unique features, but does the job very well.

Stock profit calculator

MORE PROFIT: Build up your investment profits

39. Financial crossover point

Many people invest in shares, and if your investment returns a healthy profit per year and an average annual raise over the years, this template will let you know when your investments give the same money annually as your work.

Financial crossover point

A BETTER INVESTMENT: Know if those investments could be worth more than you think

40. Web doc 2.0

A web doc is basically a document that has been optimised to act as a web page. This template provides all the background work, allowing you to focus on the content of the website instead. Beware, however, because the webpage is very basic - you shouldn't expect any fancy JavaScript, and you have no control over the domain.

Web doc 2.0

WEB DOCUMENT: A quick and simple website – but you would want to tinyurl it

41. Personal timeline

Record your entire life into a spreadsheet! This personal timeline is a fun yet time-consuming way to reflect upon your life, and think about your failures and achievements in life.

Personal timeline

PERSONAL TIMELINE: See your life summarised into a spreadsheet

42. My dear diary

This template is a page from someone else's diary except it's you who fills in the words and adds a picture. My dear diary is a tidy, well-organised way to record interesting events of the day.

My dear diary

MY DEAR DIARY: Type out interesting stuff during the day

43. Benefits of saving early

The title says it all.

Benefits of saving early

A BETTER FUTURE: When should you start saving?

44. 2009 monthly calendar

A calendar with plenty of writing space per day. Perfect to use in an office environment.

2009 monthly calendar

CALENDAR: Fill it in, print it out, pin it up

45. To-do list

This to-do list is basic but that's why it's brilliant. Not only is it easy to use, but like any document on Google Docs, you can access it from work and home.

To do list

TO DO LIST: A simple template to keep you organised

46. Om: optimise me

Think of this template as an advanced version of the previous to-do list with sub-tasks, categories and hyperlinks built into the document. Optimise me can also be viewed offline on any device with an internet browser and is designed to increase productivity.

optimize me

OPTIMIZE ME: A more complex to-do list

47. Graduate school to-do list & timeline

Getting into the best college for your needs is a good start into a good future. This template helps you set out your goals and then choose your colleges and track applications.

Graduate school to do list

GRADUATE: Researching colleges is a lot easier with this template

48. Bible progress

If you are a regular Bible reader, or simply interested to know how much you have read, use this Bible progress template and highlight the chapters you have read.

Bible progress

READ ON: Find out how much of the Bible is still unread

49. Tree map gadget

There are very few complex and sophisticated templates in the Gallery, and the Tree map is one of them. It takes organisation and visualisation of data to a higher level you're unlikely to see in other templates. At first glance, all you see is a simple table. However, the flash gadget is the key element that presents the data in a sort of map which has varying sizes of squares within it to make the larger aspects stand out more than the smaller aspects. (If you are into politics, this template should be a definite download.)

Tree map gadget

SOPHISTICATED MAP: The tree map is organised very visually

50. Plain typewriter

Everyone seems to have forgotten how documents used to be typed up in the old days. Well, this typewriter template is a reminder of how it used to look.

Plain typewriter

TYPEWRITER: Back to the old skool