50 time-saving Google Docs templates

26. Comprehensive travel itinerary

It can be so frustrating fishing around for the phone numbers of your hotel after you have landed at your destination. This travel itinerary template is handy to get all the necessary information, from flight times to the hotel name at your destination. Perfect to carry in your pocket while travelling.

Comprehensive travel itinerary

TRAVEL ITINERARY: All your travel details in one place

27. Road trip template

Heading out on a road trip can often be a cheap holiday, but there might be expenses you have not foreseen. This template covers most of the major expenses, but the highlight of this template is the integration of Google Maps directly into the spreadsheet. Type the necessary address into the appropriate cell and the distance is calculated in the adjacent cell, along with a map. A clever touch is the fuel cost that changes according to the distance calculated by Google Maps.

Road trip template

ROAD TRIP: Plan it all in advance

28. Gas mileage log

Calculate your fuel efficiency by entering your milometer readings into the gas mileage log, along with the amount of fuel added at each trip to the petrol station. The template not only determines the cost per mile, but also tracks your mileage over a period of time using a graph.

Gas mileage log

KEEP TRACK: Know your car better

29. Basketball tournament

This template, created by Google, is a very complex 'bracket' tournament system that can be used for various sports tournaments. Finding out the total points for a team, or the leader of Bracket 1 is a pinch with this brilliant template.

Basketball tournament

PLAY TIME: Keep it organised

30. A wedding checklist

Your wedding is probably one of the most important times of your life and you would not want to make a blunder or mistake on this auspicious day. The wedding checklist divides all the necessary items into categories, and it is a good idea to go through the list when planning for a wedding.

A wedding checklist

NO BLUNDERS: Make sure you haven't forgotten anything

31. Packlist and trip preparation

Before going for a holiday, it is a good idea to clear leftovers from a fridge and clear out the trash. This packing list template is filled with a neat list of everything you need to remember before heading out for the holiday, along with essential items that need to be packed. When all of this info is presented neatly in different categories, it's hard to not find this template useful.

Packlist and trip preparation

PRE-HOLIDAY: No unexpected worries after the holidays

32. Holiday gift shopping list

Christmas and other festivals are landmark events of the year and forgetting to give a gift to a friend or relative can land you in trouble. Make sure that doesn't happen with this colourful gift shopping table.

Holiday gift shopping list

GIFT LIST: Forget about forgetting to give a gift

33. Party planner

For calculating the cost of a party, while keeping track of visitors and tracking items brought in by visitors that contribute to the party, try this party planning template.

Party planner

PARTY PLANNER: Plan parties like you never have before

34. Personalised photo graduation invitation and announcement

Invite friends and family to your graduation event by using this invite template. Simply drop in a new photo and change the text to your needs.

Graduation invite

GRADUATION CARD: A quick and easy way to invite people to your graduation