50 time-saving Google Docs templates

13. Sample motion chart

This template has many uses. For instance, with the current economic situation, companies would like to know where the largest unemployment rate is. By inputting the raw data, you will be presented with one of the most attractive interactive graphs we have ever seen. However, this template is not for the amateur.

Sample motion chart

MOTION CHARTS: The graph is very interactive and intuitive

14. Sales invoice

This sales invoice template features everything your company needs to make a formal and professional looking sales invoice. The only bit you have to do is fill in your details.

Sales invoice

SALES INVOICE: A professional invoice in a few seconds

15. Project management schedule

Working on a large project can be complex because of the various tasks that are being worked on simultaneously. This template helps keep track of the various aspects of the project, including those that have been completed and which people are responsible for a specific portion of the project.

Project management schedule

BETTER MANAGEMENT: All the information in one place

16. Summary statistics for data

Most science and statistics related projects would need important values such as standard deviation and skew. Enter the raw data into this template, and you are presented with a variety of useful values, increasing the efficiency of your whole project.

Summary statistics for data

USEFUL STATISTICS: This template can make your research project easier

17. Business plan

Starting your own business can be a daunting task, and it is a good idea to plan out beforehand what you are setting out to achieve. This business plan template provides headings along with detailed placeholder text, making this part of your business venture much easier. The final result of this template is perfect to propose to potential sponsors of your product.

Business plan

BUSINESS PLAN: The first page of a helpful and detailed template

18. Project progress template

At one point through your project, your boss will ask for a progress report to make sure everything is on schedule. Like the business plan above, this is a very detailed project progress template with detailed helpful placeholder text under sub-headings that help you summarise your current situation with ease.

Project progress template

PROGRESS REPORT: The introduction to a useful template

19. Convert anything

Convert practically anything with this very easy to use template. Type in the original value, the original type of value, and type of value you want it to be converted into. The genius in this template is you can type just about any value to convert into - yen to Canadian dollars or byte to megabyte. Brilliant!

Convert anything


20. Text + Side Note 4

Making a fancy CV, report, article or concept look professional is a lot easier with this template that has the in-built heading replaced with black box outlines, along with side notes embedded into the document. Check it out and more from the same author.

Text plus sidenote

COOL HEADINGS: Make an amateur look like a professional

21. Business card

Printing business cards is effortless with this business card template. Use the Find/Replace tool to replace all of the placeholder text, and after replacing the logo, you have eight cards in a page, ready to be printed. There are many other sizes (even 24 in a page), if you look around for templates by the same author.

Business card

BUSINESS CARDS: Open, insert your details and logo, print and you're done

22. Employee of the mo(u)nth

Frustrated with the fact that it has to be only one guy up on the wall? For a twist, use this card for the chattiest ones instead.

employee of the mouth

FOR THE CHATTY: Cheer everyone up at work

23. Time sheet with breaks

At first glance, this is an ordinary timesheet which calculates how many hours an employee has spent working, when you input values such as '9:00 AM' and '3:00 PM'. In addition, it calculates the wages of the employee based on the rate per hour. However, it also gives consideration for hours added into sick leave and vacation hours and an option for a different rate per hour for the time spent in vacation or as sick leave.

employee timesheet

TRACK WORK HOURS: Know your timings better

24. Contemporary letterhead

There are a lot of letterhead templates to look through in the gallery. However, this letterhead template is probably the most colourful, yet subtle and very contemporary. Perfect if you are starting a new small business.

contemporary letterhead

VERY CONTEMPORARY: An easy way to look professional

25. Test case template

One of the most complex templates you will find in the whole gallery is the test case template designed for Software Quality Assurance people. Describe test environments, and view graphs summarising the test and test coverage. Along with the instructions an example test is included for easier understanding of the template.

Test case template

ADVANCED TESTING: Share your QA test results easily