One More Thing: Daily Mail finally positive about gaming

One more thing: Daily Mail finally positive about videogames
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It's Friday which means you are probably already drinking to forget the week you've just had or are on Facebook and wondering why one of your colleagues has created an album dedicated to you.

If you are doing neither of the above though then welcome to One More Thing, your daily dose of technology which marries odd with brilliance and sadness with joy…

Eye spy – We thought it would never happen but the Daily Mail – the world's most popular news site – has written a positive piece on videogames, reporting that someone is reporting that videogames can cure cataracts. They did use single quote marks in the headline to indicate that the doctor who is claiming this to be the case is completely wrong. But we are pretending not to see this and focusing on the positives. [Daily Mail]

At the drive in – Nevada has decided that self-driving cars are the future and is writing up guidelines for automatic automobiles, one of which is that every car that drives itself needs a red licence plate. We're guessing this is because red means danger, or in this case red means 'get out of the way there's a car on the loose being driven by a robot from the future sent back in time to…' you get the idea. [PC Mag]

White (coat) Stripes – Below is a video of the White Stripes' 7 Nation Army being played on a variety of laboratory instruments. That's all you need to know really. [YouTube]

ET phone home –Cinemas seem to be giving off mixed messages at the moment. Some frisk you before you event enter to watch a film, take your phone off of you and give it back to you at the end – well, this happened to us once – but now there is one movie that wants you to keep your smartphone on you. That's because the movie in question is all about Twitter and its maker wants you to tweet during the film. Mental. [Nokia Conversations]

Mac not daddy Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than it has Mac computers in 28 YEARS. This is so startling we had to use caps to emphasise the point. You'll never know, we'll be using something stupid like this symbol: ---> next. [SlashGear]

Sky and speedy cars – Sky has confirmed that a new iPad app is incoming which will offer multi-screen versions of its F1 coverage. This way you will get to see just what the F1 folks see, which is a little like going into warp drive apparently. [T3]

Back to Africa – Orange lance un nouveau service pour rendre Facebook accessible sur tous les téléphones en Afrique (Facebook is now available on all phones in Africa). []

Sing us a social song – The band Riot !n Paris has come up with the frankly brilliant idea of singing about strangers' social media profiles. So it's a bit like a sing-a-long version of Timeline. Great stuff, unless they are rubbish singers then it would be out-of-Timeline. [TNW]

Samsung Galaxy killer - Samsung has killed off plans for a 32GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, so shed a little tear if you were waiting for a more capacious version of the Google phone. [SlashGear]

Siri is learning Japanese – this is according to screenshots which show that the lovely voice-activated helper is looking to bring its helpfulness to the Far East. To illustrate this we have Siri singing I Will Always Love you. Warning: it's a little weird. [PocketNow]

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