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This Sunday sees Google, Inc., hit its tenth birthday. To mark the occasion we'll be running a series of articles this week, providing new insights into what it's like to work at Google as well as exclusive tips and tricks to help you search smarter. We'll then be finishing off the week with an unmissable look at some of the stuff that's being developed in Google's Labs.

To kick off, we've trawled our collective memories (those are the things we used to have before Google) and drawn up a list of the search engines we used to rely on in those dark pre-Google days. Take our Life before Google quiz and see how many you remember.

Tuesday saw us bring you 101 Google Tips, Tricks and Hacks. It's the ultimate find-things-fast list, and whether you're a Google pro or you just type random words into the search box and hope for the best, you'll be searching smarter once you've read this. Add your own tips in the comment box and help us compile the list of all lists!

Google has also developed its own web browser, called Google Chrome. For the full lowdown, check out our article 20 things you need to know about Google Chrome. For Mozilla's take on the launch, read our interview with Mozilla's European head, Tristan Nitot. And for a web developer's take, see what Marcus Dyson, CEO of leading UK web developers, eleventeenth has to say.

Is Chrome more than just a web browser, though? Dan Grabham thinks its all part of a bigger plan. And over on the Editor's Blog, Nick Merritt lines up the companies that are going to be less than happy to see Chrome arrive on the web.

Wednesday featured a fascinating insight into how Googlers use their 20% time - the scheme that allows Google's engineers to spend one day a week working on projects that aren't part of their day-to-day jobs.

We also posted more on Google Chrome, including our hands-on Google Chrome review and 30 essential Google Chrome tips.

Thursday saw us pit Google Chrome against IE8 beta 2 and Firefox 3.1, and then test Google Chrome against Opera and Safari. On a lighter note, we take a look at how different the web and the world around us would be in a world without Google.

On Friday we looked at five jobs you never thought would exist at Google. Really. We've talked to the chef. We've quizzed the guy who Googlifies the office, too and more besides.

To round off Google week, we've profiled some of the work that is going in in Google Labs. Read about how search is evolving in Secrets from Google's Labs.

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