‘How to convert black money to white’ one of the most popular searches on Google India

Prime Minister Modi’s bold move to ban all 1000 Rs and 500 Rs notes as a part of a crackdown on black money and counterfeit notes left people reeling. There were two main reactions:

“Find all the 1000Rs notes in the house!” and if you have been a little naughty, “Now what do I do with all this black money!?”

Seeking help with the second question, Tax evaders turned straight to Google for help, with ‘How to convert black money into white money’, one of the top search queries on Google in India in the last few days.

Surprising? Not at all. This is a clear result of our dependance on Google for every single matter, even for nefarious matters such as this one.

Gujarat leads the way

What is even more interesting is the fact that Prime Minister Modi’s home state Gujarat lead the way on searches to find methods to magically turn black money into white, with Maharashtra and Haryana not far behind.

All in all, in the last few days, Indians approached the mighty Google for information about the sudden demonetisation, about the rumoured security chip inside the new notes (which proved to be false and also on ways to convert their mounds of black money into white in convenient ways.

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Shobhit Varma

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