Latest Netflix speed index shows Telstra going from bad to worse

Australia's internet is pretty poor, really

Ever since Netflix launched in Australia earlier this year, it has given us a pretty useful comparison of the speeds across the country's leading ISPs.

Now we have June's figures, things aren't looking so rosy for Telstra customers. Despite ranking last back in April with an average download speed of just 2.23Mbps, that number has dropped even further this month to 2.09Mbps (after a slight increase to 2.32Mbps back in May).

Of course, the numbers at the top end of the speed spectrum are hardly worth popping the champagne for, with iiNet this month taking the top spot with an average download speed of 3.36Mbps.

Buffering... Buffering

The first time Netflix announced its speed results, Telstra hit back by saying that because of the size of its ADSL customer base, its average speeds were dragged down by those who have truly terrible connection speeds.

This obviously makes sense – Telstra has more customers – especially in regional areas – who would be using Netflix on lower quality connections.

Netflix Speeds June 2015

However, the trend for Telstra to drop so significantly in the past month, where most rivals are improving speeds or staying the same (TPG is the only other exception, dropping from 3.38 to 3.34Mbps), it's a worrying trend for Telstra.

With the NBN rollout continuing, there's hope that we'll start to see the average speeds across all ISPs dramatically increase over the next few years.

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