iiNet opens first retail store in Perth

iiNet iiStore
iiNet opens its first retail store

Australia's second largest ISP iiNet celebrated the opening of its first iiStore in Perth today.

Located underneath the company's offices in Subiaco, the store is designed to help customers experience iiNet's range of products in a familiar, home-styled environment.

The store was opened by Senator Stephen Conroy, who claimed that the hands-on experiences available at the iiStore would help consumers understand the real world benefits of the NBN.

"More and more people are coming to understand what the NBN can do for them. The hands-on experience the iiStore provides clearly demonstrates the benefits of the NBN in the home and for business," Senator Conroy said.

A picture-perfect launch

As well as providing a direct link to customers, iiNet are using the iiStore as a way to show off new products from the iiNet Labs, like its wireless range extender.

The company used the store opening today to announce the Piix, a digital photo frame which displays images sent by MMS.

Available for $199 the 9-inch Piix features a 3G SIM card, allowing you to send photos and video directly to the device.

There's 4GB of storage on board, as well as an SD card slot for extra photos, a gravity sensor to determine whether to show pics in landscape or portrait mode and a motion sensor that turns the display off if it doesn't detect anyone in the room.

While digital photo frames aren't the most exciting product, iiNet has also announced that more products from the iiNet Labs will be unveiled over the coming months.

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