Amazon in talks to turn Tube ticket offices into post offices

Amazon in talks to turn Tube ticket offices into post offices
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London's soon to be vacant Underground ticket offices could be used as Amazon parcel pick up points if talks between the retailer and TFL go to plan.

London was awash with glee and gloom yesterday when it emerged that some tube lines will run 24-hours at weekends, but that every underground station ticket office would also close leading to lost jobs.

The FT reports that Amazon wants to use the counters to dish out packages that commuters could pick up on their ways home.

Mind the gap

While that might seem a harebrained scheme at first, it becomes less odd once you remember that Amazon already has unconventional drop-off points, like lockers in shopping centres and your local corner shop.

London Underground's plans aren't going to come into effect until at least 2015 so don't expect to be picking up your shopping from Shepherd's Bush or birthday presents from Bank until then.

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