Intel unveils huge and insanely fast 1.5TB Optane 905p SSD

Intel Optane 905p

The Intel Optane 905p series of solid state drives (SSDs) is very fast (check out our Intel Optane 905P review to find out just how fast it is), and Intel has just announced a new 1.5TB capacity for the speedy storage.

Until recently, the Intel Optane 905p series, which is based on the 3D XPoint memory standard, went up to 960GB, but for people who need huge capacities as well as fast performance (such as photographers and video editors) the new 1.5TB size will be a very welcome addition.

With read and write speeds up to 2.7GBps and 2.2GBps respectively, and 575,000 IOPS read and 550,000 IOPs write (4KB random), this is a seriously fast drive. It’s also the largest capacity these sort of drives have so far managed.

Choice for form factor

The new 1.5TB Intel Optane 905p SSD comes in a U.2 form factor, as well as an AIC (Add in Card) design, giving you a bit of flexibility over how to install it.

We don’t currently have a price, but going by the rest of the 905p family, don’t expect this to be cheap. The kind of speeds offered by these SSDs are certainly very impressive, but they might be overkill for regular use.

However, for moving huge amounts of data very quickly, this SSD will likely be the best of the best.

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