Intel Jasper Lake CPUs could seriously power-up budget laptops in early 2021

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Intel’s Jasper Lake processors, low-powered 10nm chips designed for affordable laptops (and more besides), will launch in early 2021 according to the rumor mill.

These are Atom CPUs and the successor to Intel’s current Gemini Lake chips (which were refreshed in late 2019), consisting of Pentium and Celeron products which sip tiny amounts of power.

Gemini Lake is based on Intel’s 14nm Goldmont architecture, but Jasper Lake takes an important step forward, being built on 10nm Tremont.

How big a step forward will these processors be exactly? Intel is promising that Tremont will deliver better performance in the order of an average 30% increase in IPC (instructions per clock).

As Fanless Tech reports – though remember this is all speculation – Intel will be producing at least three of these 10nm Atom chips in mobile versions, and three desktop variants (these processors will also find a home in mini PCs).

Pentium and Celeron

The mobile chips (at 6W, like Gemini Lake) will be led by the Pentium Silver N6000 and that’ll allegedly be a quad-core (four-thread) CPU capable of boost up to 3.1GHz. Then there’s the Celeron N5100 which has the same core count but boost to 2.8GHz, and the Celeron N4500 that drops to dual-core (two-thread) and also hits 2.8GHz when flat out.

The desktop chips (at 10W) are spearheaded by the Pentium Silver N6005, a quad-core (four-thread) processor capable of boosting a little bit further than its mobile counterpart, hitting 3.3GHz at top speed.

And once again, there are a pair of Celerons following that, quad-core and dual-core models which boost up to 2.8GHz and 2.9GHz respectively.

These should be some very useful options for laptop manufacturers when it comes to producing affordable notebooks, and as mentioned they will be a good fit for mini PCs as well.

If the Tremont architecture sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve read about it being used with Intel’s Lakefield silicon, which are processors that combine big and little cores ARM-style, and the latter low-power cores are Tremont (Intel calls this mix of cores Hybrid Technology).

Lakefield CPUs debuted in the Intel version of the Samsung Galaxy Book S, and will also be the engine of Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Fold which is due to arrive at some point in the next few months.

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