8 brand-new Ready Player One games for HTC Vive will get you ready for the film

Pictured above: Arcade Saga Smash

Update: If you've been hotly anticipating these Ready Player One HTC Vive titles, beginning today, you can finally experience three of them. HTC has announced that Battle for the Oasis, Rise of the Gunters and Gauntlet are now available to download on Viveport. 

All players have to do to access them is download the free OASIS beta. More games and updates are due to launch in the OASIS beta before long, as HTC previously announced all eight games would be available in time for the movie's March 29 release date.

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Ready Player One centers around virtual reality (VR), so what better way to celebrate the upcoming blockbuster film's release than with experiences inspired by the movie on the best VR headset around?

HTC Vive is getting eight Ready Player One-themed experiences to mark the Steven Spielberg-directed movie coming to theaters later this month, and three are out right now.

In most of the experiences, you'll be transported into the OASIS – the VR game at the heart of Ready Player One – and tasked with objectives like battling IOI Sixers or the undead. In others, you'll get to play homages to popular 1980s arcade games (natch), or experience the zero-gravity thrill of The Distracted Globe for yourself. 

So how can you get your hands on these new experiences? HTC is launching a VR arcade program across the US to allow anyone to try them out. If you already own an HTC Vive headset, you can download the titles for free via Steam or Viveport sometime before the movie's March 29 release date.

Here's a look at some of the Ready Player One experiences coming to HTC Vive:

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