Honor may have three new smartwatches coming in 2021, and some 5G phones too

Honor Watch ES
The Honor Watch ES (Image credit: Future)

While Honor is best known for its smartphones, it also puts out fantastic smartwatches like the Honor Watch ES or Watch GS Pro, and we could be seeing a lot more like them soon.

As spotted by GizChina, Honor recently received certification in China for a variety of new products. Included in those listings are three 5G phones, a laptop, a smart speaker and three new smartwatches.

We don't know much about these products just yet, beyond some pithy details included in the listings (apparently the smartwatches will all have audio storage and playback functionality), but the knowledge that Honor is working on new wearables should be exciting for smartwatch fans.

Changed hands

Until late-2020 Honor was owned by Huawei, and now belongs to an investment group; as such we can't quite use precedent to see if these products will get global launches, outside the company's home country of China, but it seems likely.

Honor has confirmed it's in talks to get Google Mobile Services on its future smartphones, which makes it seem likely the company has global plans. Smartphones in China typically don't ship with Google apps, so the company would have no reason for these talks unless it planned to release phones worldwide.

When Huawei owned Honor, many of its smartphones only got China launches, or very sporadic releases in select countries worldwide, making it hard for fans to get their hands on phones.

This wasn't the case for Honor smartwatches though, which were still sold in plenty of countries, and we'd hope this is the case for future wearables from the company.

A lot is up in the air right now, and we'll have to wait and see what the company does before we can say anything for certain. Since the aforementioned Watch ES and Watch GS Pro both received over four stars in our respective reviews, we're excited to see what's next from Honor's watches.

Tom Bedford

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