The Little Mermaid cinema re-release requests that you bring an iPad

The Little Mermaid cinema re-release requests that you bring an iPad
Disney hoping that the second screen bubble doesn't burst

Let's face it, no one has yet cracked the second screen, but Disney is hoping its latest re-release of The Little Mermaid will change this.

The Mouse House has announced that there will be a US screening of The Little Mermaid where it actively wants you to take your iPads to the cinema.

For this new showing of the Little Mermaid, you need to download a second screen app which Disney reckons will "make you become part of the story".

For many a filmmaker, the idea of a second screen movie experience is a frightening one. For obvious reasons a director wants your eyes focused on the first screen, not tapping at a phone or tablet.

But Disney is well known for its re-releases and now that most of its movies have gotten the Blu-ray treatment, it needs a new USP to sell its older stories to newer audiences.

Mermaid for iPad

In the trailer, Disney says that you can "interact with the film and compete with the audience". Essentially this is Singalong Sound Of Music 2.0, where you use an app instead of your voice.

Disney has been one of the most active proponents in bringing second screen content to its movies but this has so far been contained to the living room. It even has its own website that lists all the content you can view on your iPad.

It will be the first time that this has been tried on the big screen, though, so it will be interesting to see just how popular it is.

Given that most cinemas bring in the heavies at the mere sight of a smartphone because of privacy concerns we're not sure that this will catch on.

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