Spotify streams its way onto TiVo Premiere DVRs

This subscription-required app will still get more play time than TiVo spokesperson Tim Tebow
This subscription-required app will still get more play time than TiVo spokesperson Tim Tebow

TiVo Premiere owners in the U.S. can now stream all of their favorite Spotify music through the set-top box starting today, so long as they are paying Spotify Premium subscribers.

This announcement is significant because it means that the TiVo Premiere is the first DVR in the country to be able to stream Spotify's 20 million songs.

"Customers are able to experience their music and playlists through the best sound system in their house," said Tara Maitra, TiVo Senior Vice President and General Manager of Content & Media Sales, in a press release.

Previously, Spotify subscribers had to hook up a phone, tablet, or computer with the Spotify app to pull that off, or buy a specific A/V receiver or Boxee Box with the service built-in.

Spotify for TiVo is not exactly free

The Spotify app for TiVo is being rolled out to the company's Premiere DVRs over the next 24 hours and will show up in the Music & Photos menu.

"Integrating Spotify with the TiVo interface brings a more seamless user experience to Spotify fans, and introduces TiVo fans to a new way to listen to millions of songs for free," said Pascal de Mul, Spotify Global Head of Hardware partnerships.

Of course, while it doesn't cost extra money beyond the Spotify Premium subscription, it's not really "free." Users are still on the hook for the $9.99 monthly fee.

This isn't any different from the Netflix or Hulu Plus apps, which are also offered on TiVo's latest DVR models.

TiVo's app list grows

TiVo is becoming the Swiss army knife of streaming media apps in the U.S. by offering content beyond television programming.

In addition to Netflix, Hulu Plus, and now Spotify, the DVR can stream content from Amazon Instant Video, Pandora, Rhapsody and Live 365.

Spotify is also growing its reach.

With 5 million paying subscribers globally, the company is headed for a $3 billion valuation and a Spotify web player slated for next year, all in an effort to become the OS of music.

Matt Swider