Spotify confirms beta test of web player, should launch next year

Sweet sounds

Spotify is currently testing a beta version of a web player for its services, the company confirmed, paving the way for users to stream music outside its standalone app.

The test is only out to a small group at the moment, though everyone else should get to tune in sometime next year.

"We can confirm we've launched a beta version of a Spotify web player that we're testing with a small number of users," Jim Butcher of Spotify told TechRadar.

"Potentially it's a great additional feature for times you can't play music through the desktop app, like at work or at a friend's house. We'll have more details on the web player next year."

Spot on

Spotify's words confirm a report from earlier Thursday that such a web-based service was in the works.

According to that report, the web app, unlike mobile versions, will run on a "freemium" model, meaning users don't have to sign up for a monthly subscription but do have to tolerate ads and usage limits.

Music lovers waiting for tunes that they can hear without a downloadable desktop app should spell huge revenue and cultural cache for Spotify.

Some details are still missing from the development - such as whether you can use the web version in a mobile browser - but TechRadar will keep its ear to the ground and bring you all the latest.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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