Spotify to take to the web with browser-based player today?

Spotify to take to the web with browser-based player today?
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Reports suggest that Spotify will roll out a beta version of a new web-based music player later today.

The Verge has it from "sources close to the company" that the Swedes have a web player on the cards, emulating the look of the desktop app.

Unlike the mobile versions, the web app is said to offer the 'freemium' model, so you can use it without signing up to a monthly subscription, but you'll have to put up with adverts and usage limits.


The web version should prove quite a boon for Spotify; not only does it mean that people who can't or won't download the desktop apps can use the service, it also brings it in line with competitors like Rdio and Deezer which rely on browser-based players.

It's not clear yet if you'll be able to use the web version in a mobile browser, removing the need for a premium account to use the service on the go (although it would be unlikely to allow for multitasking, offline playlists or any of that extra-excellent stuff that the mobile and tablet app versions offer for £9.99/$9.99 a month).

The Verge's sources say that the beta edition will launch today, while a full roll out is scheduled for "the coming months".

We've been on Spotify's case to find out what's what but there's no word from the company just yet; we'll keep you posted. But remember: nothing's for sure until we hear it from ol' blue eyes (Daniel Ek) himself.

If the report proves to be true, it will be interesting timing. We have it on good authority that another web-based music service is set to launch (or re-launch) tomorrow as well...

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