Sony set to launch 'Ultra' 4K HDR streaming service next week

Sony Ultra app

Sony has announced its 4K HDR streaming app (dubbed 'Ultra') is set to land in the US on April 4 exclusively on the company's new Android TV-infused 4K sets .

The new app was first announced at CES 2016 with the unveiling of its three new HDR 4K TV sets, ensuring you'd have at least some content to watch on them.

However, unlike a monthly subscription service such as Netflix, you'll be required to purchase each title you wish to watch for a whopping $30. (Who said you couldn't put a price on seeing Will Smith in a resolution bordering on reality?)

Regrettably, the dearth of an onboard data center means that you won't be able to house anything offline. In other words, those with at-home data caps best watch out, as 4K streaming will undoubtedly suck down a massive amount of data.

At launch, only movies from Sony Pictures will be available with a library of about 40 to 50 titles. You'll also get four complimentary titles if you're planning on splurging for one of the three new 4K HDR sets this summer.

The app is, however, compatible with the UltraViolet cloud service, so you'll be able to access non-4K and non-HDR films from Sony's vault as well, or upgrade the ones you might have already purchased to 4K HDR for about $12 or $15.

It's a pricey convenience, to be sure, particularly when you consider how much (great) original 4K content is being offered by Netflix and Amazon at no additional charge.

However, Sony's option does mean you would actually own the titles, even if it will live in the cloud, and we could eventually see Ultra adding a cheaper rentals option that would put it more in line with other streaming options.