Sony's rumored 'PS4.5' to power stronger 4K, VR gaming

Could Sony be working on a PlayStation 4.5?

The rumor mill is a-churnin', this time whispering plans from Sony to release an upgraded "PlayStation 4.5" that features better performance and 4K gaming support.

Multiple sources told Kotaku about Sony's intentions to release an upgraded PS4, citing an improved GPU in the hardware that will allow games and other applications to run faster, as well as boost the graphical power of games played on the machine.

Sony is refusing to comment on speculation, though the story comes from developers claiming to work with Sony's PlayStation division.

While still left to uncertainty, the existence of a graphically-boosted PS4 would be timed well with the incoming release of PlayStation VR - Sony's offering for the virtual reality market.

Set to release in October, PS VR would benefit greatly from an improved processor - allowing it to operate closer to a level set by higher-tier VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which demand some serious PC support to run smoothly.

4K capability - currently available for photos and video play back on PS4 - would not only make games look better, but also catch the console up to the growing 4K television market. It would also blend well with Sony's recent initiative to offer 4K streaming on its line of ultra high-def television sets.

No official sources have publicly confirmed these plans, nor have any crucial details such as price, release date, or what will become of older-model PS4s been expounded upon. Techradar will continue to update the story - and dream of playing 4K resolution Rocket League on our couch - as things develop.

Parker Wilhelm
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