Samsung lets you watch 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays now with new player

Samsung lets you watch 4K Ultra HD Blu rays now with new player

Though Panasonic was first to announce a 4K Blu-ray player for Australia, its far-off September release date has been beaten to the punch by Samsung, which has just announced that its UBD K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player is apparently on sale now at leading Australian retailers (admittedly, we've yet to find a local online listing for it).

And, if you’re expecting a ridiculously high launch price, think again – Samsung’s UBD K8500 player has an RRP of $599. While Panasonic’s player does not have local pricing yet, its £599 price point in the U.K. leads us to believe it will be upwards of $1100 when it arrives on our shores.

Samsung’s player will feature HDR functionality, and has been has been certified as ‘Ultra HD Premium’ by the UHD Alliance.

It will also provide access to 4K streaming services such as Netflix, which is great for people whose 4K TVs don’t already allow you to access those apps natively.