Samsung's hot new Dolby Atmos soundbars are finally available to buy

Samsung HW-K950

After making a stir at CES, Samsung's first Dolby Atmos-enabled soundbars are now available to buy.

In the US there are two models available. The HW-K950 is the premium version of the speaker, and includes two wireless rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer.

In his full HW-K950 review John Archer called it an "ingenious new Atmos solution [that] is simply the best soundbar we've heard, so much so that calling it a mere soundbar feels like an injustice".

The price of quality sound

High praise indeed, though the soundbar will set you back $1,499 in the US and £1,299 in the UK, with Australian pricing and availability yet to be announced.

In the US the soundbar is joined by a second more budget model, the HW-K850, which costs $999 and omits the two wireless rear speakers.

No word yet on whether this budget model will make it to the UK, but we've asked Samsung for more details and will update this piece when it responds.

These soundbars are not the first Dolby Atmos soundbars on the market. That award goes to Yamaha's YSP-5600.

Dolby Atmos is a new form of surround sound that makes use of vertical, rather than just horizontal, positioning. Films and games that use it can give the impression of sound rising and falling around you.

In order to achieve this effect, many existing setups require a number of speakers to be configured. These new Atmos soundbars from Yamaha and Samsung offer a much simpler way of installing Atmos in your home.

Jon Porter

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