LG unveils its 'superior' 3D Blu-ray AV range

LG - preparing itself for 3D to go mainstream in 2011
LG - preparing itself for 3D to go mainstream in 2011

LG has decided to beat the January tech crowds and give everyone a peek at what it will be showing off at CES 2011.

This week the Korean company announced that it will be offering what it is calling a 'superior' range of 3D AV goodies.

First up is the HX996TS home theatre system. Boasting sound that is "as deep and lifelike as any 3D image", the system includes something called the Vertical 3D Effect Channel, which blasts out sound from the top of the included Tallboy Speakers.

This brings 7.1 sound but without the messy job of putting up brackets in your home to hold the top speakers.

Connected player

LG will also show off the HB906SB Blu-ray player at CES 2011. This is another home cinema system that has 1,100 watts of output and uses LG's new Digital Signal Processing to iron out the sound waves.

The HX996TS and HB906SB both utilise Wi-Fi, have an iPod dock cradle and USB support.

LG will also be launching the BD690, a network Blu-ray 3D player that boasts Smart TV Technology, access to the LG App Store and Wi-Fi Direct compatibility - which is a first in the market.

The LG BD690 is an update to LG's current BD390 range.

UK release date and pricing details are to be announced but expect more information when CES 2011 begins on 5 January.

Marc Chacksfield

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