Hardcore Henry 2 may happen - if you watch this one legally

Hardcore Henry

Filming Hardcore Henry was a long and arduous process for all the cast and crew, but the team are willing to make a sequel if the first movie does well.

Both Director Ilya Naishuller and star Sharlto Copley confirmed to techradar they are both willing to work on a sequel, and even have some rough ideas of what it might look like.

"I have an outline for a second one," said Naishuller, "if there's a need and a want for it. Both Sharlto and I would make a second one.

"It'd be much, much quicker. It may not be three years this time... it may be two years and six months."

Die Harder

The director believes a lot of people will watch Hardcore Henry, but he's unsure if they'll actually pay to see it. If it doesn't make enough money there won't be the financial incentive for a sequel.

Naishuller continued, "People are going to download or pirate it. You'll want an opinion on it, especially if you're a gamer. The question is whether people will turn up to the cinema to watch it."

Hardcore Henry also finishes with a little wink toward there being potential for a sequel. We won't let you know how (because spoilers) but it's quite obvious there is a provisional plan for a Hardcore Henry 2.

Copley, star of District 9 and Hardcore Henry, is also excited to return to the first-person action world.

"We learnt on this film, I'm confident we'd be able to top ourselves in terms of narrative and story now. We were able to experiment and work out what didn't work. I would love to go back."

Hardcore Henry is in cinemas April 8

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