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Philips shows off latest Blu-ray ranges

Philips' Blu-ray offering for 2011
Philips' Blu-ray offering for 2011

Philips has shown off its latest Blu-ray offerings – including the 7000, 5000 and 3000 series and a portable Blu-ray player.

The 7000 and 5000 ranges brings Philips Smart TV connected services and will sit beneath the flagship 9000 series Blu-rays shown off last year by Philips.

"Today, Philips reveals its 2011 range of Blu-ray players, spearheaded by the introduction of the new 7000 and 5000 series Blu-ray players," explained the Dutch electronics giant.

Smart TV

"Both players feature Philips' latest development in the field of connected entertainment: Philips Smart TV," it continues.

"With one of the most comprehensive smart TV packages available, this range of Philips Blu-ray players turns every TV into a connected media portal that can hook you up with online content; stream music, photos and videos from your tablet, smart phone or laptop."

The 7000 series brings Philips proprietary CinemaPerfect HD engine – allowing upscaling – along with 7.1 decoding and 3D Blu-ray support.

There is also built in Wi-Fi for the Smart TV – which brings NetTV services and easy content sharing via DNLA.

5000 series, 3000 complement and portable Blu-ray

The 5000 series has 3D support and Smart TV and the 3000 series is designed to 'complement' the new range as a cheaper entry level Blu-ray offering. It is Wi-Fi ready and bring YouTube leanback functionality.

Portable blu-ray....why?

Last but not least is the portable Blu-ray offering – with a 1080p, 9 inch 16:9 LCD screen. You might well be asking if you really benefit from Blu-ray on a screen size that small; we certainly are.

But the proof of the portable Blu-ray pudding may well be in the viewing.

Alongside the Blu-ray players, Philips has also unveiled a Smart TV service, some new 3D TVs, a super-widescreen 21:9 Gold Series TV, headphones and an AirPlay compatible speaker system.