Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold Series TV is unveiled

Philips 21:9 Gold Series
Philips 21:9 Gold Series

Philips has unveiled its latest 21:9 television, with the Cinema 21:9 Gold Series Smart LED TV bringing a host of features and a 50-inch screen.

The Philips 21:9 Platinum Series was a major hit, but the Dutch electronics giant is keen to broaden the cinema width television appeal and has now unveiled its lower-cost Gold series.

"Presenting movies exactly as the director intended, the new Cinema 21:9 Gold series TV is the ideal wide screen to enjoy a world of film and connectivity," explains Philips' release.


"The Cinema 21:9 Gold series uses Philips-pioneered formatting technology to display movies in their authentic format and completely filling its 50-inch screen," it continues

"Unlike other TVs on the market, the Cinema 21:9 Gold series TV is the ideal companion for movie lovers as it presents movies without those annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the screen."

The television also plays nice with your common or garden 16:9 material – allowing you to resize to fill the screen "without any visible distortion".

Philips Smart TV

The television also features the brand new Philips connected TV service 'Philips Smart TV' with a Facebook app on the way and support for Twitter.

Another key feature is the arrival of 2D to 3D conversion in real-time – which Philips hopes solves some of the past problems with this kind of feature.

"Philips uses sophisticated software to deliver the best high-quality conversion available, explains the release.

"It ensures that subtitles are shown at a constant depth and that there are no errors such as parts of the background appearing in the foreground."

Of course, a wider screen also allows for viewing more than one source at the same time – so you can have the scores running on one side while keeping your eye on the live game – for instance.

As well as the Gold Series television, Philips also revealed a new Smart TV service and a range of 3D LED TVs today.

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