Philips unwraps new 7000, 8000 and 9000 TVs

The new Philips 9000 series TV
The new Philips 9000 series TV

Philips has unveiled the latest in its range of consumer TVs with the new range of Ambilight LED TVs.

The first in the set is the new 7000 series, set to be the budget offering, and comes in a brushed aluminium frame and stand.

The unit features 100Hz image processing and Easy 3D, a passive version of the technology du jour, on top of 2D to 3D conversion to make all your old movies pop out the screen.

Up to 8000

The 8000 series sees a step up to the next level of telly power, with 3D Max the standout feature. Using active technology to offer a better 3D experience, the set can track as many pairs of glasses as you like, so you can cram hundreds of your friends into your living room to watch 'Croctopus 3D'.

Using 200Hz technology and Philips' Perfect Natural Motion, the Dutch company is promising "sharp, smooth-flowing images – even when the action reaches fever pitch".

The 9000 Series is the UberDaddy of the set, coming with 3D Max too and a sub-40mm depth to make it light and slim if you fancy hanging it on the wall.

It also features 400Hz image refresh rate as well as Perfect Natural Motion, and even comes with a 2-in-1 stand that helps improve the sound quality from the thin TV.

Literally coming alive

All three devices are part of Philips Smart TV range, meaning users can record to USB or hard drives, and means an easy DLNA connection from phones or tablets - as well as accessing online portals for web-streamed content.

All three feature Full HD LED backlight dimming for an enhanced screen picture, and the 9000 series also offers Full HD LED Pro, munching 40% less energy than LCD screens, and can render 2,250 trillion colours for more vivid images and natural skin tones.

The 3D Max technology from the 8000 and 9000 series also supports full screen gaming for two - using the active technology to display two views simultaneously to those playing.

We're yet to get UK release dates or UK pricing for the new Philips 7000, 8000 or 9000 TV series, but we're expecting the high end ones to not be cheap - although they should be landing in the next few months.

Philips also revealed a new Smart TV service today, as well as the Philips Cinema 21:9 Gold Series TV.

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