Harley-Davidson reveals its first ebike, and it can be yours in March 2021

Harley-Davidson e-bike
(Image credit: Harley-Davidson)

Motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson has launched a spin-off company dedicated to ebikes, and revealed its first model which is due to go on sale in March next year.

Harley-Davidson revealed a pair of electric concept vehicles back in 2019, but both of these shared a lot of DNA with conventional motorbikes. Even the 'scooter' concept featured a throttle, and what appeared to be a rather beefy engine and battery pack slung between the wheels.

The new company, Serial 1 Cycle, is dedicated specifically to more conventional looking electric bikes, of the type that are legal to ride in many countries without a driver's licence. Its name is a reference to the oldest-known Harley, the Serial Number One, which was built in 1903.

Something old, something new...

Although Serial 1 Cycle hasn't revealed official specs for the bike yet, but it takes plenty of design cues from the Serial Number One. 

Its leather (or leather-look) saddle has spring suspension, internally routed cables, a glossy black paint job, and an illuminated '1' logo on the head tube.

There's no price tag yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if it ends up edging close to the $10,000 mark when it goes on sale in March 2021.

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