Llano APU chips are shipping, AMD announces

Llano - coming
Llano - coming

AMD has announced that it is now shipping production units of its quad-core "Llano" APU chips - promising that it brings the power of discrete graphics alongside a powerful processor, with the first products due by June.

The Llano APUs represent AMD's latest attempts to bring a powerful GPU and CPU together in a single offering - saving on power without sacrificing performance.

Llano toting products are expected to appear in the second quarter, with AMD's Phil Hughes explaining the process.


"When we say we are shipping production units of any part for the first time, the next question I inevitably get asked is how does AMD define "production"? he blogged.

"Fortunately, much like the title of this blog, the answer is simple. When we talk about production here at AMD, it refers to the units that will ultimately be in the systems that our OEM partners will ship to retailers or end-customers.

"Now of course, I can't speak for exactly when each of our OEM partners will ship systems, that's a question for them, but as our Chief Financial Officer and Interim CEO Thomas Seifert mentioned on his Webcast, "Customers are very excited about Llano coming to market and we will look forward to seeing our "Llano"-based systems in the market this quarter — the second quarter."

We can expect more talk from AMD about exactly what level of performance Llano chips will bring at launch, so watch this space.

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