Google's new app aims to keep your data usage low

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Hitting a wall with your data is a pain, especially if you do so unintentionally because a bunch of background apps sucked down those precious bytes.

To help data-conscious Android owners stay below their cap, Google is offering its newest experimental app, Triangle

Currently undergoing testing in the Philippines, Triangle lets you see exactly how much data you're using and which apps are demanding the biggest shares.

From here, Triangle can activate a "Data Saver" feature that pumps the brakes on unwanted data usage, or only allows certain apps 10 or 30 minutes of access to keep them from drying up the proverbial data well over time. 

Granted, Android owners can look up their apps' data usage manually without having to download Triangle, but the app seemingly helps save time (and less tech-savvy users) by tracking and controlling all that information in one place.

Save data... and get some back?

For prepaid members of Globe or Smart, two major telecoms in the Philippines, Triangle gets a lot more interesting. In addition to tracking usage and Data Saver, members also get to check their prepaid data balance and even earn data back.

By using or downloading certain suggested apps, Triangle claims to give out "data rewards" that seemingly give users back extra megabytes.

While a dream come true for those struggling to stay under their data cap, how the 'free' data works isn't exactly clear. 

It's worth noting that in the US, AT&T attempted a similar program, Sponsored Data, back in 2014 that offered toll-free cellular access to download certain apps. However, the program caught the ire of the Federal Communications Commission at the time, since service providers giving special access to certain companies over others raises concerns about net neutrality.

Users outside the Philippines can access Triangle via an APK Mirror and try the app out for themselves, as some features seem to work internationally, according to Android Central.

In the meantime, we've asked Google for more details on Triangle, how it handles free data, and whether it plans to bring the app to other regions. We'll update this story as we learn more.

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