New Google tool wants to make sure your apps are fully compliant before launch

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Google's Area 120 incubator has launched a new privacy platform called Checks which uses AI to identify potential privacy and compliance issues with mobile apps.

As the privacy and compliance landscape continues to evolve, developers are often left at a loss when it comes to ensuring their mobile apps remain compliant on both Android and iOS. For this reason, Google's Area 120 has created a solution that simplifies privacy for developers distributing their apps on the Play Store and App Store.

According to a new blog post, the Checks team has spent the past two years listening to feedback from hundreds of mobile app developers on their approach to privacy and working together with early adopters to refine its platform and roadmap. By providing automated privacy insights, Google believes its new tool can help mobile app developers of all sizes save time by eliminating complicated processes.

Developers that utilize Checks when updating their existing apps or preparing to launch new ones can make informed decisions as the tool identifies potential compliance issues, provides clear actionable insights in simple language and includes links to relevant sources.

Insights for privacy and compliance issues

In addition to helping app developers, the Checks platform also provides the same insights to a business' legal, engineering and other departments without the need for any technical integrations. This helps reduce the number of messages, meetings and documents teams need to track down information.

As Software Development Kits (SDKs) can change their functionality at a moment's notice, Checks help mobile app developers using SDKs by automatically detecting and alerting them when an app's data sharing practices have changed. If the change wasn't intended, they can investigate further as to where the new data is being shared and make the necessary changes to remain in compliance.

Mobile app developers working to prepare for the launch of Google Play's Data safety section, which will provide end users with information on what data apps collect or share and how apps use their data, can also use Checks to help them do so.

Interested developers can request early access to Checks now and when Google's new privacy platform launches, there will be three paid tiers and a free tier. While the free tier will only help developers complete Google Play's Data safety section, Checks' paid plans can help with GDPR compliance and provide insights on privacy-related issues and data sharing practices.

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