Google TV user profiles are finally coming to Chromecast, TCL and Sony TVs

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Google TV user profiles are finally rolling out globally to a whole host of new TVs and devices, after their implementation was delayed last year. If you own one of these supported devices, then they should update automatically soon.

FlatPanelsHD reports that the long-awaited Google TV user profiles are at present rolling out worldwide to TCL and Sony-branded Google TVs. Additionally, Chromecast with Google TV streaming devices are getting the feature, too. 

Google TV user profiles are able to provide personalized movie and show recommendations on an individual basis. They also have Google Assistant fully integrated, allowing you to request recommendations with voice commands, for example.

"Google TV profiles let everyone in your home enjoy their own personalized space with their Google Account," the tech giant announced. 

"With a personalized profile, you’ll get TV show and movie recommendations just for you, easy access to your personal watchlist and help from your Google Assistant."

Google also noted that the rollout should be completed "over the next few weeks." Keep an eye out for the update throughout the rest of May and June, then, if your TV or Chromecast device has yet to receive it.

Google TV user profiles

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A long time coming

Google TV user profiles for Chromecast, TCL and Sony TVs have been on the cards for a while now, originally announced last October for a tentative launch scheduled for around November. Clearly, the feature didn't quite make the cut within that timeframe, but we're happy to see it finally land on supported TVs and devices.

Google TV user profiles should make it much easier to browse through recommendations of movies and shows tailored just for you. In that sense, they're not at all dissimilar to profiles found on some of the best streaming services around like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Once the update lands, the process of setting up a Google TV user profile is thankfully trivial. On the Google TV home screen, simply navigate to the top right of the screen where you'll find your profile picture.

From there, choose the Add Account option, enter your existing Google account credentials and follow the rest of the prompts presented. Once it's all set up, you'll have your own personalized Google TV user profile that'll tailor movie and TV show recommendations for you.

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