Google search now offers personalized TV and movie recommendations

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Google has added TV and movie recommendations to its search app in an attempt to solve the increasingly tricky problem of knowing what to watch.

With so many streaming services now available, it can be truly tough to know what you'll enjoy most, but now if you search for something like 'good shows to watch', Google will present you with a carousel-style list of recommendations.

As CNET reports, you can then browse through Google's suggestions, swiping left on any that don't interest you, and right on any that do, like a dating app. After a while, the app will learn your preferences and start suggesting shows you're more likely to enjoy.

Once you've picked something to watch, Google will direct you to it on any streaming service you're subscribed to.

What to watch

Google has made several major changes to its core search engine in recent months, including a complete overhaul of its image search tool that turned it into a type of marketplace. Rather than simply displaying a larger version of the picture, clicking a thumbnail showing an item now reveals prices, stockists and other information.

It's likely that the new TV and movie recommendations will also serve to give Google more retail clout, giving it a clearer picture of your viewing preferences that it can use for targeted advertising, as well as promoting content on YouTube Premium.

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