Google may finally bring Steam support to Chromebooks

Google Pixelbook Go
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Two years ago, Google announced it was working on Chromebooks that would support Steam. According to a new report, that bold claim seems to be one step closer to completion.

There have been recent changes to Chrome OS, enabling RGB keyboard support. Not only would these changes allow for support to USB and Bluetooth keyboards with the feature, but could also be in preparation for new laptops. Say, for instance, those same Chromebooks that Google claimed it was developing.

RGB support in Chrome’s OS also might be hiding a secret. Three hardware codenames have surfaced within it: Vell, Taniks, and Ripple. Vell and Taniks are names based on the Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake laptop processors, while Ripple seems to be a detachable keyboard.

There are employee names associated with these hardware codenames, according to 9to5Google’s report, which hint at which manufacturer brands could be working on said laptops. Vell is apparently being worked on by HP and Taniks will allegedly be worked on by Lenovo.

Keep in mind that this is mere conjecture based on source code, which means as always it’s best to take it with a grain of salt until Google officially announces something – whether that’s a gaming Chromebook or something else.

Via The Verge

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