Google AI will soon write the emails I can't be bothered to send - and I can't wait

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Google has now begun public testing of its generative AI features in Gmail and Docs for consumer, enterprise, and education users in the United States. The small group that has been invited by Google had to sign up in advance, with the choice to leave the program at any time.

The upgrade is designed to try and make the writing and drafting process easier in both applications, and allow users to have a little more assistance when crafting text. The generative AI can draft everything from job cover letters, to wedding invitations, or the introduction to a school project. Google will also provide an option to take what users have already written on their own and expand or summarise it.

Alongside that, Google will be introducing two new abilities ‘Formalize’ and a rather charming ‘I’m feeling lucky’ option that will add levity and a bit of whimsy (like emojis, for the less formal types out there). This is pretty neat, as it caters to the two types of writers out there: those who are a little too formal and need to lighten up, and those of us that are in fact way too casual and informal and sometimes need reining in. Guess which camp I’m in.

So far, Google has shared what the user interface looks like in Gmail for Android, and 9to5 Google spotted a floating action button that shows up in the bottom right corner of the screen that shows off the different options.

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In the same vein, the AI in Docs will make your text more detailed or rewrite it to become more concise, as well as draft blog posts and write song lyrics upon request. There’s a ‘Help me write’ button that will generate responses to your prompts and allow you to refine the generated responses (similar to the draft feature we noted in our Google Bard hands-on).

Google expects to expand availability ‘overtime’ and those interested (like myself) should monitor this landing page for updates and possible participation.

Overall this is a super exciting development for Google fans and shows that Google is taking steps to catch up in the AI integration race, and it seems like the company is taking the functionality over speed approach, which I appreciate. Google may have been slow and even dropped the ball here and there at the beginning of its AI journey but these upcoming updates do give us hope that they are finally on the right path and have a plan.  

Personally, I’m excited to have a go at using the new - and hopefully improved - Google Workspace. Are you as excited as I am?

Muskaan Saxena
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