Godzilla vs Kong reviews roundup: here are the final verdicts

Godzilla vs Kong
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Godzilla vs Kong arrives on HBO Max on March 31, and fans are eager to hear the final verdict on Adam Wingard's MonsterVerse movie. The critical reception, as with any movie, will determine whether the titanic battle will be worth watching. At the time of writing, all signs are pointing towards the fact that it will.

With the film's embargo date now having lifted, critics are releasing their reviews of Godzilla vs Kong - and they're largely positive. The movie currently has an 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 17 reviews, but expect that number to change as more verdicts roll in.

Right now, all but two reviews have given Godzilla vs Kong the seal of approval, and it'll be interesting to see if the film holds onto its high rating as more reviews pile in. For now, let's take a closer look at what some critics are saying about it.

Godzilla vs Kong: What are the critics saying?

Kicking things off with one of the movie's poorest reviews, Empire Magazine gave Godzilla vs Kong two out of five stars. Describing it as a movie that makes you "work for the fun", Empire ultimately state that the film "mostly delivers on its promise of a big monster fighting another big monster, but you'll have to "sit through the toe-curlingly bad set-up that surrounds it" in order to enjoy it to the full extent.

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Total Film was a bit kinder with its verdict, and stated that Godzilla vs Kong was a "MonsterVerse movie that packs a real wallop" by bringing its two titans together. Despite Godzilla and Kong sharing the same screen for the first time since 1963, however, Total Film only afforded the flick three out of five stars.

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Other reviewers were far more positive about Godzilla vs Kong. CNET called the movie "exhausting, but delivers everything you expect", while The Indian Express lauded it as the "colossal showdown" that "recreates classic monster movie magic".

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Finally, Dave Lee of the Down Under podcast praised Godzilla vs Kong, calling it a "totally bombastic, insanely ridiculous monster flick & easily one of the most impressive ever put on screen."

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Godzilla vs Kong launches on HBO Max on March 31, so it won't be much longer until the rest of us can offer our verdict on this year's biggest monster bout.

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