Gocycle's new electric bikes fold down in 10 seconds (flat)

(Image credit: GoCycle)

Gocycle, which makes some of the world's best folding e-bikes, has launched a new line of three bikes that can be packed down in just 10 seconds.

Last year's Gocycle GX earned a place in our roundup of the best electric bikes, thanks to its impressive battery life and quick folding, and the company says its new G4 lineup is even better.

Folding electric bikes are handy for commuters who use public transport, but need a quick way to hop between the train station or bus stop and their office. They're also great for people who don't have room to securely store a full-sized bike. That's particularly important since e-bikes are often targeted by thieves and vandals - particularly for their batteries.

The new Gocycle G4, G4i and G4i aren't just easier to fold and wheel around, they're also lighter to carry onto trains or upstairs. Whereas previous Gocycle models have used an aluminum-magnesium alloy to keep weight down, the new range have a carbon fiber mid-frame and single-sided carbon fibre front fork, helping shave 1kg off the total weight.


(Image credit: GoCycle)

On the performance side, a new G4drive electric motor can kick in even at low speeds, which should make it easier and safer for commuters to get away at traffic lights and junctions, and increased torque promises easier handling on tight streets.

Neat and tidy

The new range is available to pre-order now direct from Gocycle, with prices starting at $3,999 / £3,399 (about AU$7,000). That's higher than many e-bikes we've tested, but far from the most expensive, and easily explained by the extra engineering necessary for the lightweight folding design.

We're hoping to put the new lineup to the test and bring you a full review very soon, so stick with TechRadar to see how they fold, and ride.

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