Get a PS4 controller for under £30 in this Christmas sale

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PS4 controllers still come at a premium, even after all these years on the market. If you want a second controller to take advantage of all the great co-op games around (hello, Overcooked!), it's a purchase you actually have to consider. Luckily, discounts around this time of year make it an easier sell, and in the UK we've spotted the controller for a good price (not in the UK? Scroll down for the best prices on the DualShock 4 where you are). 

As the Currys Christmas sale rolls in, the DualShock 4 in its various colours has been discounted to £29.99. Note that this is the same price Currys had it on-sale for during Black Friday. Usually you'll pay north of £30 for this controller, so £29.99 is a good deal. 


DualShock 4 - various colours | £44.99 £29.99 at Currys
Get a variety of colours for this PS4 controller, and if you're a new Spotify Premium subscriber, you can enjoy six months of that for free with this purchase. This is a fantastic modern controller for gaming.

As noted above, you also get six months of Spotify Premium with this purchase, although that's only for new accounts. This is still a terrific controller with or without the freebie, and you can use it with your PC if you'd prefer. Even if you're not into co-op games, you might want another one to play the games in your Steam library. 

Not in the UK? Check out the best prices below on the DualShock 4:

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