Where should Rockstar take Grand Theft Auto next?

Grand Theft Auto

From Vice City to San Andreas or Liberty City, the worlds of Grand Theft Auto have been immaculately re-created by Rockstar Games, letting us play out our urban fantasies in something very close to the real world landscapes we know and love.

With the news that Rockstar Games nearly set one of the GTA games in the lofty high-rises and neon lights of Tokyo, it got us wondering where you would like to see the next instalment.

A Twitter poll we conducted shows us 56% of you would like to see the game set in London, but our London office was divided in its opinion.

We couldn't come up with one single answer so here are our thoughts. Share your opinion below or Tweet us/leave a Facebook comment.


There'd be a high risk of losing your car along the narrow pathways into the Lagoon as you try and run from the law. It'd be all intrigue and chaos on St Mark's Square, old family vendettas, beautiful Italian suits and ancient artefacts to steal. Pigeons everywhere. You'd also be able to jump in a Gondola and blend in to escape courtesy of Venetian Masks adding a spooky vibe to your slick Italian getaway.

- SJ Azar, Social Engagement Editor

Cape Town

Sun, sea, sand and a disturbing underbelly makes Cape Town, South Africa a more than plausible location for GTA VI. With a new continent, new lifestyle and new surroundings sitting in the shadow of Table Mountain anything's possible.

- John McCann, Phones, Wearables & Tablets UK Editor


Rockstar should head south for Grand Theft Auto 6. Forget Mexico, let's go all the way down to the most famous city of Brazil and explore the criminal underbelly of the gorgeous, sun soaked setting. From Sugarloaf Mountain to Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janerio will give the next GTA protagonist a huge playground completely different to anything we've experienced before.

- James Peckham, Phones, Tablets & Wearables Writer

San Francisco

GTA belongs in America, and where better to go next than San Francisco? Yeah some of the roads are steep, but that's part of the fun - GTA 6 will double up as the Crazy Taxi sequel you've been waiting all these years for. San Fran feels like a well balanced city for GTA, more scenic than New York but just as thriving. Plus, trams!

- Hugh Langley, Associate Editor


Where better for GTA than at a wretched hive of scum and villainy? Not only would you be in the greatest fictional universe, but you'd be operating in a rich environment of crooks, double-dealing, overbearing Empire authority and irritating rebels. This would be the greatest gaming mashup of all time, and might even get me to love third person games. But only if they give me a lightsaber.

- Patrick Goss, Editor-in-Chief UK

The Bayou

Imagine making off with a huge shipment of coke across the Everglades in a hovercraft, with your buddy popping off a sawed-off shotgun toward your pursuers. But honestly, GTA has ran out of vehicle ideas, so let's race around in some motorboats, eh? Plus, alligators and crocodiles – that is all.

- Joe Osborne, Senior Editor


Drive-by shootings on a dog sled. Ice fishing with grenades. Snowmobile hijackings. Ice pick murder frenzies. Realistic frostbite mechanic. Sarah Palin.

An Old folk's home

Stealing pills. Changing the channel on unsuspecting TV viewers. Blaming farts on others. Sleeping all damn day. MSRP $59.95

- Cameron Faulkner, Mobile and Wearables Editor

Where do you want to drive to next?