Sony: PS3 is 'future-proofed for 3D'

Sony backing 3D adoption
Sony backing 3D adoption

Sony believes that people looking at what console to buy should take into consideration that the PlayStation 3 is "future-proofed in terms of 3D".

Speaking to TechRadar at a John Lewis event, Sony's Mick Hocking, senior director at SCEE, is keen to get the message out that the PS3 is becoming 3D ready for free, so that anyone with the console and a 3D Ready TV can take advantage.

"The message we are trying to get out there is that if you have a PlayStation 3 you don't have to do anything it connects and downloads the firmware upgrade and it's 3D ready," Hocking told TechRadar.

"If you are going to choose a console then it's future-proofed in terms of 3D."

Adoption like HD

Hocking believes that adoption of 3D in the living room will be similar to the steady rise of HD, and believes that manufacturers and content providers will ensure that, this time, the technology will make a major impact.

"I think adoption is going to be like HD," said Hocking, "But it delivers a lot more than HD and people need to see it to understand it.

"We think it's going to bring a great deal to gaming and 3D games are here to stay now.

"3D's been around for 180-odd years and its come and gone a few times, but now we have high-res technology, we have performance in the consoles and we can deliver content.

"Broadcasters, filmmakers, camera makers, camcorder manufacturers – they are all behind it because they see it as a way to sell more hardware.

"Content providers are incentivised to do it because they think 'we have a new creative media to wow audiences'."

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