Razer made a slick 3D camera for desktop gaming and VR


Update: Razer got back to us to say it anticipates the RealSense camera will be available in Q1 2016.

The company didn't have further details on pricing or exact specs, however.

Original article below...

Razer is tapping into the power of Intel's RealSense technology with a new camera aimed at desktop gaming and virtual reality.

The tube-shaped camera, which while aimed at consumers doesn't yet have a consumer-ready name, will allow for a multitude of experiential applications around game broadcasting and VR gaming, according to Razer.

One noted function is automatic background removal, allowing streamers to remove or replace their setting for "a more entertaining and immersive experience."

RealSense cameras also let users scan 3D objects and pick up motion and gestures, similar to the Xbox One Kinect, and bring them into a digital world. Not only are inanimate objects scannable - so are people.

This is just the beginning for Razer's RealSense camera as the company anticipates more functions popping up down the road.

"Gamers will, we expect, be able to enhance their broadcasting and VR experience in unprecedented ways," said Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan in a press release.

The final design is subject to change.

Intel also joined up with Razer's Open Source Virtual Reality platform as a participant. With access to Intel's RealSense camera technology at its fingertips, OSVR should get a hearty boost in creating more immersive VR experiences.

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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