Peter Molyneux to show new Milo for Kinect at TED

Peter Molyneux's virtual boy Milo to be shown off at TED Global in Oxford this July
Peter Molyneux's virtual boy Milo to be shown off at TED Global in Oxford this July

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has revealed that Milo & Kate, the studio's Kinect project that features realistic AI children that you can interact with – and which wowed crowds at E3 2009 – will be revealed again at TED Global in Oxford next month.

Molyneux didn't show the title at E3 2010, much to the disappointment of many, although he has been showing it off to celebrities and select industry execs behind closed doors.

The developer has now said that he will be attending TED Global in Oxford to give a talk and demo the 'game' to attendees.

TED Global talk

"It is in development, it still is in development.," Molyneux told VG247 in an E3 interview.

"We're continuing to develop it; it was decided not to show it here at E3. You know what I'm like, I would show it every day of the week. And actually, you when I look at it, I think there's some smart reasons why we didn't show it.

"Now, it is pretty amazing, it is actually on show to celebrities. But it is amazing, it's ten times more amazing then you think it is. You can see it in July if you go to Oxford. Because I'm doing a talk at TEDGlobal on Milo in July."

Talking more generally about Microsoft's first line-up of games for Kinect, Molyneux added: "The experiences that you see at launch, they're good, they're robust and they work. But I would encourage you and the whole world not to think of those experiences to define what Kinect is. It just gives you a glimpse of the future can bring.

"So, I think that those launch titles are great, but the second wave of titles is where the real greatness comes."


Adam Hartley