Paris Hilton mobile game launching in India

Paris Hilton is launching a mobile game in India... World keeps turning...

Paris Hilton is launching a mobile game in India, called Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest, said to offer a rare look inside the Hollywood celebrity's universe.

Where to even begin with this?

Let's start with the bare bone facts first, then move on to some commentary on the state of postmodern cultural colonialism and its damaging impact on the Indian subcontinent.

Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest has been developed for India's Reliance Mobile by French developer Gameloft.

The game - the first official game from the Hilton stable - is said to "offer a rare look inside the Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton's universe studded with diamonds and sapphires... it urges the player to hop on board her private jet and travel with her to today's hottest cities on the search for exceptionally rare jewels."

The game lets you see loads of photos of Paris "parading her jewels and hip outfits, plus a photo of her companion, Tinkerbell the dog".

Impressionable Indian youth

Newsblaze reports that: "Acclaimed Indo-American statesman Rajan Zed [Chairperson of Indo-American Leadership Confederation] while welcoming trade opportunities between India and the West, said that reckless flooding of Indian markets with Western icons and trends would lead the impressionable youth away from traditional value system."

"The West had lot of wonderful things to offer but everything Western was not always good," added Zed, in a statement released this week regarding the Paris Hilton mobile phone game.