Optimised networks could solve cloud gaming's latency issue

Cloud gaming - latency questions
Cloud gaming - latency questions

Superfast broadband networks could be optimised to ensure that gaming in the cloud could work, with the big latency issue being addressed by major players.

With the launch of services like OnLive offering gaming without the console through an internet connection – the biggest issue is how playable the experience is.

With latency – essentially the time it takes for the information to get to the server and back – a major problem, TechRadar asked Virgin Media's director of technical strategy, Kevin Baughan, how the service providers could help.

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"Well you've got to have the right performance on the link so at the end of the day we can explore further to see if that kind of thing becomes a limitation," said Baughan. "We don't expect it to be.

"The gaming guys are extremely skilful in working out what information to shift and what to create locally but obviously bullets have to fire at the right time when you press the button and I think that is one of the challenges that will come through on that."

Interestingly Baughan says that there is the potential to prioritise the gaming data on the network to ensure great latency.

"At the end of the day, on our architecture we can accelerate bits of the traffic if we need to or if we want to so you could prioritise this to make sure that the latency is absolutely superb."

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