O2 launches audience-controlled cinema game

Skyjackers - the world's first interactive cinema game controlled by the whole audience

O2 is set to launch Asteroid Storm - the world's first interactive 3D cinema game - at 20 Vue cinemas in the UK this summer.

The game is "the first time that cinema audiences in the UK will be able to play and control an interactive 3D game" and will be launched in UK cinemas on 10 July.

This quirky-sounding bit of pre-movie fun is controlled by the whole audience raising their hands in the air and moving a spaceship on the screen through an asteroid field.

Family fun and games

Asteroid Storm has been developed in conjuction with Pearl and Dean (de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-dedede!) and promises to "take families on a big-screen adventure that they can control from their seats in the cinema.

It is planned to run ahead of Ice Age 3 3D and G-Force in the summer, followed by Up and Toy Story 3D in the autumn.

Asteroid Storm is part of O2's current marketing campaign targeting families with the O2 Joggler and O2 'Your Family' Bolt On.

It will be showing at Vue cinemas across the UK (as well as interactive floor projection games such as Wac-a-roid!), including: Vue Leicester Square, Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Vue Edinburgh Waterside, Vue Finchley road, London, Vue Kirkstall road, Leeds, Vue West End, AMC Manchester, AMC Birmingham, Truro Plaza