O2 to debut the Joggler media tablet

The O2 Joggler
The O2 Joggler

O2 will release its new media tablet, the O2 Joggler, a Wi-Fi 7-inch touchscreen tablet designed to help you 'organise your family', in April 2009.

This is the product of O2's tie-up with OpenPeak, which develops Atom-powered touchscreen tablets. It allows users to synchronise with O2's online calendar function, meaning anyone in the family can enter events from their PC or mobile and see them all displayed on the Joggler.

O2 Calendar

The O2 Calendar will be an interactive online application, where users can text the site things like 'What am I doing on Friday?' and be texted back the answer for free. They can then send a text to enter an appointment, which can be instantly seen by other family members.

The Joggler will be free for customers wishing to upgrade on monthly contracts, and will make use of the newly-announced 'Family Bolt-on' which will let users create a network of up to five people (all on O2) who can text and call each other for free.

So it's designed for users who are happy with their current mobile and just want a touchscreen for the kitchen to 'organise their family'. It will cost £150 to other customers, although PAYG clients can apply their upgrade discount to the cost of the device and get it discounted or free too.

Widgets and reminders

It's packing 1GB of flash memory, with USB key support for uploading pictures, videos and music. There's also Universal Plug 'N' Play support via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection if you want to stream content.

Users can also text in their new schedules to their family O2 Calendar, and free text reminders will be sent to all O2 mobiles on the family network, in case your son has 'forgotten' you're going to the butterfly museum at the weekend.

There are also options to play games, read news, sports and traffic feeds via Sky and Trafficmaster, with messaging and internet radio widgets in development and coming soon.

Apparently its original release date was scheduled for March, but this has been pushed back to May, so if you're happy with your O2 mobile phone, head on down to your local O2 store and check it out.

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